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Applications For 2024 ARE NOW OPEN! APPLY BEFORE MAY 26TH 2024

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Join the new generation of computer scientists using biology, physics and chemistry to understand the world around us. Apply today.

BioCamp, hosted annually by Johns Hopkins Gray Lab since 2022, is a dynamic two-week program specifically designed for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors from Baltimore City High Schools. Each year, approximately 18 students engage in a curriculum that introduces them to key concepts in programming, bioinformatics, chemistry, and physics, with a strong emphasis on utilizing the latest AI tools in these fields. Participants not only receive a stipend but also benefit from transportation and meal vouchers. The program culminates in a team-based final project, which encourages creative problem-solving and the practical application of the concepts learned. This initiative not only aims to enrich students' understanding of scientific principles but also fosters a collaborative and explorative environment for aspiring scientists.


The "Rosetta pre-college Bio-Comp Workshop" aims to tackle systemic inequality in access to computational biology education by providing a short yet intensive, two-week program for Baltimore high school students with a special provision for limited-income and first-gen students.


Our objective is to provide a comprehensive introduction to programming tools and biomolecular modeling software and encourage program participants to pursue post-secondary STEM degrees and careers. To accomplish this, we will give students a small but potent boost in their knowledge and skills by:

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