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Informational Apply Colab Links & PyRosetta Documentation


Day 1 Materials

Google colab: Google Colab

Colab exercise notebook: Exercise 1

Useful youtube video! Programming with Mosh

Try it yourself: Exercise 2

Day 2 Materials

Conditionals Colab: Conditionals

Plotting Colab: Plotting

Day 3 Materials

Colab: Loops

Colab: Python Crash Course (simple plotting on bottom!)

Day 4 Materials

Colab: Data Structures
PyMol worksheet: Worksheet PDF

Day 5 Materials

Colab Follow-Along: Functions!

Colab Exercises: Function exercises

Day 6 Materials

PyRosetta Notebook Pose Basics

Worksheet PDF: Day 1 Workhseet

Day 7 Materials

Review Exercises: Colab Notebook
PyRosetta Notebook: Score Function Basics

Worksheet PDF: Score Function Worksheet

Monte Carlo Follow-Along: Colab Notebook

Day 8 Materials

MC exercises Colab Notebook

Folding a protein with MC: Colab Notebook

Fast Relax: Colab Workbook

Day 9 Materials

FastRelax Code Colab Notebook

MC exercises: Colab Notebook

Final Project: Worksheet
Please download the worksheet, and then edit that word document!

Day 10 Materials

Post-Course Survey: Form link

-- General Resources --

We've loved having you guys in our class. We hope you'll gain an appreciation for those tiny proteins, carbs, nucleotides, and lipids in our body. Here is the link to all the lectures we've shown, please feel free to look over them and email us questions!

Lecture link: ppts

Most science courses are available for free on Khan Academy. The teachers are great, and you can go at your own pace! There are videos, articles, and exercises for you to see how much you've learned.

Protein Biology on Khan Academy (free) Video+Exercises

General chemistry on Khan Academy (free) Videos

More protein science! Videos + Exercises

Physics on Khan Academy: Videos

Coding practices! Links to videos and exercises. Coding Help Homepage
Really nice coding video! Youtube link

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