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Commercial Science Activities

Jeff is an unpaid board member of the Rosetta Commons, a consortium of academic and non-profit laboratories. Under institutional participation agreements between the University of Washington, acting on behalf of the Rosetta Commons, Johns Hopkins University may be entitled to a portion of revenue received on licensing Rosetta software. More information on our lab’s relationship to Rosetta is available here.

Jeff is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Cyrus Biotechnology, a software and services company that provides a web-based interface to Rosetta and partners with other companies to predict structures and design biomolecules. Cyrus has a non-exclusive license to distribute the Rosetta software as part of their Cyrus Bench platform. More information about Cyrus’ license arrangement with the University of Washington (acting on behalf of the Rosetta Commons) is available at this FAQ.

Prof. Michael Tsapatsis is a non-conflicted designee to whom students, trainees, etc. can turn should they have concerns. If a group member approaches Prof. Tsapatsis, he will have confidential conversations with them about their concerns and what they think would be the preferable path forward. If requested, he will first try to mitigate between the group member and the PI and, if needed, direct the case to appropriate personnel for further consideration.

These arrangements have been reviewed and approved by the Johns Hopkins University in accordance with its conflict of interest policies.

Corporate research sponsors and collaborative research

The Gray lab has received funding from the following companies: