Bindings for utility::signals namespace

Bases: pybind11_object

interface wrapper around utility::signals::LinkUnit

Can be used to manage the link between Subject

and Observer. Signals can be temporarily blocked and the connection can be invalidated (disconnected) by the user. If a Subject is destroyed or a manual disconnect is called via the SignalHub, the Link will automatically become invalidated.

Returned by utility::signals::SignalHub upon connection.

assign(self: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link, rval: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link) pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link

copy assignment

C++: utility::signals::Link::operator=(const class utility::signals::Link &) –> class utility::signals::Link &

block(self: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link) None

locally block the link

C++: utility::signals::Link::block() –> void

blocked(self: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link) bool

link blocked?

true if link is blocked or empty, otherwise false

C++: utility::signals::Link::blocked() const –> bool

empty(self: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link) bool

link empty?

C++: utility::signals::Link::empty() const –> bool

invalidate(self: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link) None

cut the connection, safe to call even when link is empty

C++: utility::signals::Link::invalidate() –> void

unblock(self: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link) None

locally unblock the link

C++: utility::signals::Link::unblock() –> void

valid(self: pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.Link) bool

link still valid?

false if link invalid or empty, otherwise true

C++: utility::signals::Link::valid() const –> bool

class pyrosetta.rosetta.utility.signals.LinkUnit

Bases: pybind11_object

struct specifying actual link data between observers and subjects

Used internally by SignalHub. There is no copy constructor and

copy assignment, a LinkUnit is meant to be created only once for each connection.

property blocked
property valid