Welcome to the Gray Lab
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Positions Available:
We accept applicants throughout the year on the following broad projects:

Docking of Therapeutic Antibodies: To improve the protein-protein docking algorithm RosettaDock especially for application to therapeutic antibodies, one of the fastest-growing class of new drugs.

Protein Interactions with Solid Surfaces: To work in the general area of protein interactions with solid surfaces, including prediction of the structure of natural proteins interacting with their substrates (e.g. bone morphogenic proteins), computational design of novel protein-surface interactions, and experimental testing of designed proteins. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in a field such as chemical/biomolecular engineering, biophysics, or solid-state/interfacial physics.

We are always interested in applications from well-qualified applicants. Possible projects include protein-protein docking, applications to therapeutic antibodies, protein-surface interactions, and allostery.

To apply email a CV and three references to jgray@jhu.edu

For research in computational protein engineering. Junior-level standing in chemical and biomolecular engineering, computer science, biophysics or related field, or serious experience in computer programming.

We sometimes also seek students to assist in molecular biology experiments to validate computational protein designs. Applicants should have some lab or research experience.

Applicants should email a resume and a transcript, including descriptions of proficiency in computer programming or other lab experience.